Aliante Real Estate Homes & Condos

Aliante is one of the many master-planned residential communities found in the suburbs outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Aliante was planned in the nineteen nineties, although construction on the neighborhood did not begin until the year 2002. Aliante holds the distinction of being the first master planned suburb in the northern portion of the city, and is still under construction during the present day. Aliante covers approximately two thousand acres, making it one of the smaller developments around the Entertainment Capital of the World. Aliante is currently on a demographic trend which will leave it with approximately twenty thousand residents and seven thousand houses by the time it is completed.

Aliante is distinguished by its singular devotion to recreational areas and green space, a significant step forward considering the urban sprawl that characterizes the older portion of Sin City. Aliante has dedicated nearly fifty acres to parks, most importantly the twenty acre Nature Discovery Park and such attractions as waterfalls, a dinosaur area, water play areas, golf, tennis, and gyms. Aliante will soon be home to a golf course, sports fields, several portions of the Clark County School System, picnic areas, and about a hundred acres of commercial/business development.

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