Centennial Hills Real Estate Homes & Condos

Centennial Hills is a multi-faceted, architecturally diverse community situated in the suburban outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. Centennial Hills is situated approximately fourteen miles away from the Las Vegas Strip (which is technically considered a part of Paradise, Nevada), although it provides the pleasant isolation and comfort that is to be expected in a classy, upscale suburb. Centennial Hills is composed primarily of single family homes, townhouses, and condominiums, all of which boast beautiful architecture and well-sized lots. Like the rest of Nevada, Centennial Hills enjoys pleasant weather throughout most of the year, especially during spring and fall.

Perhaps the most significant of the many shopping and fine dining destinations situated in and around Centennial Hills is the nearly one million square foot Centennial Center, a massive shopping complex that shares part of its name with the community. In addition to malls and shopping centers, Centennial Hills is home to a number of parks and recreational facilities, including Floyd Lamb State Park, Mount Charleston, and the Town Center. One of the most significant upcoming developments in Centennial Hills is the sizeable Centennial Hills Recreation Center, which is slated to be the largest recreation center in the entire metropolitan area, stocked with cutting edge equipment and outstanding facilities.

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