Desert Shores Real Estate Homes & Condos

Desert Shores is an unusually scenic master planned community found near the larger population center of Summerlin a few miles away from Las Vegas, Nevada. Desert Shores is, as the name suggests, built around a series of beautiful lakes surrounded by the Mojave Desert. Desert Shores is home to a number of outdoor activities thanks to the manmade bodies of water as well as numerous bird populations, especially ducks and swans. Desert Shores has outstanding recreational facilities, including tennis courts, the Desert Shores Racquet Club, a lagoon, a small beach, volleyball courts, and picnic tables. Desert Shores is an outstanding option for those seeking to balance the feeling of a desert oasis with the convenience that accompanies a major urban center such as Las Vegas less than fifteen minutes away.

Desert Shores is comprised of approximately three thousand five hundred homes, which are mostly single family residences accompanied by the occasional townhouse. Desert Shores is served by the relatively new and well-served Clark County Public School District, and is relatively close to the McCarran International Airport. Desert Shores is slightly less than seven hundred acres in size, and was originally constructed in the year nineteen eighty eight. This community is found in the northwestern portion of the Las Vegas metropolitan area, and offers extensive walking paths, bike trails, and even playgrounds.