Downtown Las Vegas Real Estate

Downtown Las Vegas is the heart of “Sin City”, resplendent with all of the neon glory that makes the “Entertainment Capital of the World” the most brightly lit city on the planet. Las Vegas is home to the most expensive and premier real estate in the state of Nevada. Most of the residences in Las Vegas proper are apartments, with the vast preponderance being found in the high rises along the main streets downtown. Las Vegas is home to world class retail stores and commercial space, including world famous name-brand boutiques and a number of relatively affordable national franchises.

Since it is at the heart of the city, downtown Las Vegas is much different than the numerous suburbs that surround it. The pace of life is much, much quicker here – there are plenty of nightclubs, casinos, and restaurants in the immediate vicinity, but parks and green space have been shifted towards the outlying regions of the city. Most of the residents of downtown Las Vegas are adults, although the city has made a noticeable attempt to reinvent itself into more of a family friendly destination. If you crave a fast paced, non-stop lifestyle in Nevada, then downtown Las Vegas is the place for you.

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