Green Valley Ranch Real estate Homes

Green Valley Ranch is a beautiful resort community situated in the midst of Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas and the second largest city in Nevada. Green Valley Ranch is an exclusive subdivision of Green Valley, with a focus on the demographics of affluent individuals and tourists in particular. Green Valley Ranch is a master planned community, and was originally opened in the year two thousand one after a long period of construction in the nineteen nineties. Green Valley Ranch consists of nearly five hundred rooms, and has appeared in a number of television shows and documentaries.

One of the most recent developments in Green Valley Ranch is the District at Green Valley Ranch, which was constructed in the year two thousand four. The District at Green Valley Ranch consists of a number of shopping centers, stores, restaurants, office buildings, and condominiums. Green Valley Ranch boasts one of the best casinos in the Las Vegas suburban area, encompassing approximately fifty thousand square feet of floor space. Of course, Green Valley Ranch also offers the fantastic convenience that accompanies a location situated only about twenty minutes away from downtown Las Vegas and the famous Las Vegas Strip.