Henderson Real Estate Homes

Henderson is one of the many suburbs of Las Vegas that have since developed into substantial and rather large communities in their own right. Henderson is considered to be one of the fastest growing cities in the United States of America, and ranks as one of the hundred largest population centers in the nation. Henderson has a population of approximately two hundred and fifty thousand residents, and has the nickname of “A place to call home”, a testament to its suburban residential roots. Henderson is situated at a slightly higher altitude than the city proper of Las Vegas, giving it a better view at approximately one thousand three hundred feet.

Henderson is currently governed by Mayor James B. Gibson, and was originally founded in the nineteen forties during the heights of the Second World War. Henderson used to be a major manufacturer of magnesium, and began a period of rapid expansion following the rise of the Las Vegas Strip. Henderson encompasses a number of smaller suburbs of Las Vegas, including the Anthem Country Club, Anthem, Green Valley, Lake Las Vegas, Seven Hills, and Sun City Anthem. Henderson has its educational needs met by the Clark County School District, and is ranked as one of the top twenty places to live in the United States.