Whitney Ranch Real Estate Homes & Condos

Whitney Ranch is one of the several master planned communities found in the metropolitan area of Las Vegas, Nevada. Whitney Ranch is considered to be a part of Henderson, which in turn is encompassed by the larger city of Las Vegas. Whitney Ranch is found in the northern portion of Henderson to the southeast of “The Meadows”. Whitney Ranch offers a number of recreational amenities and green spaces, which provide a much needed reprieve from the brutal landscape found in the Mojave Desert. Whitney Ranch offers a number of different home designs and lot sizes, allowing families and individuals to choose the one that best fits their needs.

Whitney Ranch is generally targeted towards the upper middle class segment of Nevada's population, and like the rest of Nevada enjoys generally warm and occasionally hot temperatures throughout the year. Whitney Ranch has a population of approximately fifty eight thousand one hundred residents, and offers the nearby Galleria Mall, which has a selection of one hundred and thirty different stores and restaurants. Educational opportunities in Whitney Ranch are offered by Aggie Roberts, David Cox, and Estes M. McDoniel Elementary Schools, Barbara and Hank, Greenspun, and Thurman White Middle Schools, and Green Valley High School.