Majestic Las Vegas

Majestic Las Vegas, also known as the Conrad Majestic, is a planned condominium being constructed by the same company that created the Conrad Hilton. The Majestic Las Vegas is six hundred and fifty five feet tall, and will have an architectural footprint of roughly six acres. The Conrad Majestic will be divided between apartments and condominium units – there will be two hundred and eighty six condos and two hundred and seventy two hotel suites. The Conrad Majestic will also be home to an impressive array of commercial offerings, including about one hundred thousand square feet of indoor and outdoor shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

All of the luxury condo unites of the Conrad Majestic are situated on or above the thirty first floor, ensuring the residents of these premier properties stunning views of both downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. Notable amenities offered by the Conrad Majestic include infinity pools, Jacuzzis, a convention space, coffee house, grocery store, kids' club, concierge service, limousine service, the Club Majestic, and room service. Prices for the condos in the Conrad Majestic range from seven hundred ten thousand dollars to almost two and a half million dollars, with units generally becoming more expensive as they rise in altitude.