Platinum Las Vegas is among a number of other exclusive condominiums located along the Las Vegas Strip. Platinum Las Vegas has one of the best locations in the entirety of the Silver State, located just a few minutes away from the world's entertainment capital, which also offers internationally renowned shopping and fine dining destinations. Platinum Las Vegas boasts outstanding amenities, including private terraces, forty two inch plasma high definition televisions, carpeting, security, indoor and outdoor pools, lounges, a fitness area, and a whirlpool spa. The Platinum Las Vegas is also only a brief drive away from the numerous suburbs of Las Vegas and McClaran International Airport.

Many of the units of the Platinum Las Vegas offer stunning views of downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip. The Platinum Las Vegas includes a total of two hundred and fifty five luxury units, but are generally more affordable than comparable nearby complexes. The Platinum Las Vegas is completely sold out, although original prices ranged from about three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to about one and a half million dollars. Current resale values are slightly less, and the sizes of the units range from about nine hundred square feet to approximately two thousand two hundred square feet.